Does Aerial Imagery Work? Why you NEED Drone Photos for your Homes.

Luke Didion
July 4, 2022
5 min read

Does Aerial Imagery Work? Why you NEED Drone Photos for your Homes.

Should I Get Drone Photos?

It’s known that in order to sell homes quickly & consistently, you need compelling photos. Most involved in real estate understand this & they do it - they do 3D tours, take photos from the best angles, and showcase homes through videos. Photography is a piece of the customer experience that is so important, but so difficult to differentiate in. What is an agent supposed to do? It seems that there aren’t many options outside of the regular photos.

That’s where drone photography comes in. It’s an affordable, efficient differentiator for all types of real estate businesses:

Benefits of Drone Photography for Land Owners:  

Larger areas of land can surely benefit from drone photography.

  • The photos can easily show the lay of the landscape, capture breathtaking views, and be a truly compelling photo for some that is not always so photogenic.
  • Ability to show off the size of a large lot.

Benefits of Drone Photography for Residential Property Owners:

Residential listings are the number one use for drone photos.

  • The drones can capture the homes from angles that may have never even been seen, and show off the most beautiful pieces of the home’s exterior.
  • Drone imagery can create truly memorable indoor videos, with slow steady imagery to show off all pieces of the home.

Benefits of Drone Photography for Commercial Property Owners:

Commercial properties can benefit in a variety of ways from drone photography.

  • It can be used as a compelling image to drive customers or sales (think a drone shot of a golf course).
  • It can also be used, like in residential, to show off pieces of commercial property and get them primed to sell.

Do Drone Photos Actually Improve Performance?

Like many other things, it’s easy to promise beauty and promise results without delivering. So, do these drone photos actually make the cut? Let’s take a look at some statistics we found in our search to answer this question:

  • Homes that are listed with drone imagery sell, on average, 68% faster than homes without them.
  • The majority of homeowners - and astounding 83% say they would prefer working with an agent who uses done imagery
  • The top real estate agents, ones with the highest volume of sales use drones. They don’t only use drones, they use them 3.5 times more than less successful real estate agents.
  • Drone imagery is pr

oven to speed up the sales process and sell homes faster.

Long story short, drone photos don’t only perform, they outperform. We are at a point where drone technology and availability is at an all-time high, making this key investment more affordable and more accessible than it has been in the past.

Why Does Drone Photography Work?

Digital Trends:

  • These photos are moving the real estate industry alongside other industries to be more digitally fluent and improving the user’s online experience as much as possible. Staying on top of technology and digital trends is a great way to differentiate and create a large appeal for a piece of property

Capturing Value in Looks:

  • It’s difficult to truly show how scenic home is in the fall, or how nicely it sits on a hill - until it isn’t. Drone photos display the true value of a home.

Flexibility & Perspective:

  • You’re selling a home in a nice neighborhood that is likely to go to a young couple with kids. You can use aerial imagery to show off the quality of the neighborhood, the size of the lot and backyard, and even get a glimpse of the nearby park. Your drone shots can be tailored to the values surrounding your property.

Beautiful & Digital Ready:

  • These drone photos are quickly edited to live up to their full beauty, and are then instantly ready to post on listings, social media channels, and email to prospects!

Luke Didion
Founder, Altavation