Provide Value to Clients With Location Based Media

Link map-based, location-specific images & videos that showcase the very best of any properties surroundings.

Our Mission

At Altavation, our mission is to help buyers, renters, and vacationers understand where they should move or travel. Why? Because 31% of young adults are relocating to other states, & over 50% of luxury transactions involve out of state buyers.
By partnering with altavation, you can help your clients better understand the lifestyle of your local market, and gain more leads.


Due to Covid-19, more and more people are working remotely, which means they can live anywhere. Because of this, as a real estate or travel agency, it is beneficial to make sure that clients see the value in your area, and not just your property. You can do this by showing buyers content that accurately represents the exciting lifestyle in your region.

Experiences & Local Businesses

Altavation makes sure to include content that showcases local business, and the experiences that one can have at their location. Our goal is to provide agencies with media that increases their impact on the vitality of the local market. Promote your area while helping consumers and local businesses.


We all know how important it is to love where you live, especially as a real estate agency. Which is why we include content that shows the activities one can enjoy in specific locations. Use this content to help your clients tailor their move or vacation to their individual lifestyle.

What People are Saying

"I can count on Altavation and they have become a valued partner"
Stacie Whitbeck - Keller Williams
Luxury Division
"Where a home is located is the most important factor in it's value -- both now and in the future."
“Leveraging Altavation’s content has allowed me to increase my out of state buyer leads by over 150% !"
Theresa Didion - Keller Williams


Search By Location

Our images are geo-tagged and map overlaid. Use our location based search engine to find content that is close to your properties.

Growing Content Base

We are working hard to grow the amount of available content at a rapid pace. Our content base will be constantly updated, to keep up with the seasons and growing local markets.

High Quality Media

All of our media is incredibly high quality. At Altavation we work hard to have high quality control standards to ensure that our clients receive only the best. We have a wide variety of photos, video, and aerial content.

Full Marketing License

Upon signing up for one of our plans, you will be able to use the content for any and all marketing purposes you may like. This means you can use the content on your website, within marketing campaigns, for branding purposes.

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